Add Blogging As Part Of Your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

blogging for Search Engine Optimisation

If you found one strategy that will significantly increase your leads and provide a positive return for your efforts, and how to dramatically increase your overall website search engine marketing, would you implement it? I guess it goes without saying because you would.

Now if I said to you, that one strategy is blogging, is this strategy still of interest?

How blogging can help with your SEO

If you’re using digital marketing or SEO as a strategy to reach more of your prospects, you know that your website is crucial to the whole process. So how does blogging help your site perform the way it should do?

Thinking about how people search for products or services in the search engines, they may not be aware of your brand name. Therefore they typically type in your general service or product type, or they ask a question to solve a specific problem.

For your prospect to find you, your website needs to be at the top of the search engines. By regularly creating and publishing high-quality content in the form of blog posts about your products or services, and also answering questions that your prospect may be asking, then each blog post will start to rank higher in the search engines.

The higher your website ranks in the search engines, more people will find your website, your content will help them answer their questions, it will help you promote your products or services, and you will increase leads and enquiries, all down to blogging.

The more consistent you are blogging and publishing good quality content, the more authoritative your website becomes and the more page 1 rankings you get. You are further increasing your website visibility, answering more of your prospects questions and getting even more enquiries and leads, producing a continual snowball.  

Your Website Becomes More About Publishing Content And Less Like A Brochure Website

With an increased level of website visitors, being your prospects, you can start to focus on turning those visitors into even more leads and enquiries to help your business.

Blogging also helps to increase your audience insights, to understand what your visitors are looking for and what are their questions that need answering. The more traffic you have on individual blog posts that answer specific questions, highlights these questions are important.  

Using your website analytics, once you understand the type of content that your potential customers want to read then you can create more similar content, increasing your website rankings and visibility in search engines.  

To get started, think about your frequently asked questions, the questions that your prospects or your customers always ask you. Come up with a list of around 5, write down a good title and start to produce a detailed answer to those questions. The more detail you can provide the more value it will have to your prospect.  

Over time, as you become good at providing extremely detailed and value-driven blog posts, people will find your blog posts and want to share them with other people. You’ll then start to get backlinks from other websites across the Internet, back to your site. These backlinks are the main power of SEO and will further help your website increase position in the search engines.

Don’t delay, ensure that you have a blog section on your website and start creating high-quality content, providing your prospect with an enormous amount of value.  

Over time you will see your website’s traffic levels increase, along with leads and enquiries through your website.

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