Running in the heat

Top tips to stay cool when running in hot conditions

Running in humid and hot conditions can be an excellent way of improving your body's fitness and stamina. However, it can also have serious health consequences if you overdo it. Here's our quick introduction on how to run in the heat and remain safe at the same time.

  • It sounds obvious, but where possible, avoid the hottest times of the day. Hard cardiovascular workouts shouldn't be performed during high temperatures, so schedule your run for early morning (before 10am) or late afternoon (after 5pm) to prevent tiredness and dehydration.
  • Wear sun lotion. It's easy to get sun burnt when you're running as the breeze you create means your skins feels cooler than it actually is. If you're near water  make sure you reapply your sun cream frequently.
  • Wear a hat. A hat or cap will keep the heat off your neck and head and the sun out of your eyes, protecting you from wrinkles and heat stroke.
  • Keep covered. Wear light clothing to avoid sunburn while you train and if you do get burnt, take it easy because you'll feel hot and dehydrate quickly without exerting too much effort.
  • Drink plenty of water during the day, as you'll be sweating more than normal. Ideally drink three to four litres of water and avoid alcohol during the day. Digg redditFacebook Stumbleupon