The fitness benefits of using a rowing machine

How rowing machine exercise builds up fitness

Rowing machines have moved on a huge amount in the last few years, from the cheap, flimsy items that have littered hundreds of bedrooms around the world, to the new breed of quality machines, designed to withstand years of tough use and aid exercise. Rowing machines can play a vital part in complementing a running programme, boosting the runner's fitness in vital areas. Here's how a rowing machine could help your running or other exercise fitness.

The new breed of rowing machines have been pioneered by Concept 2, a company in the UK whose rowers can be found all over the world. The Concept 2 has acted as the inspiration for an increasing number of look-alikes.

But what’s so good about these new machines and how do they help our fitness?

Consider these points and make your own judgment about whether training with a rowing machine  is for you:

  • Uses upper leg muscles
  • Uses shoulders
  • Tones majority of muscle groups and helps improve power

  • Burns fat and therefore keeps weight down
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Impact free, so less chance of injuries
  • Allows you to monitor your fitness levels, by comparative times
  • Panders to your competitive nature!
  • Enables you to do speed work
  • Rowing machines are tough, so you feel mentally as well as physically that you’ve had a good workout.

With all this going for them, why wouldn’t you want to include them as part of your training schedule?


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