25 great reasons to start running

Reasons why it's good to get running

Running is an excellent form of exercise if you wish to get fit and control your weight as well. Running for 30 minutes three or four times every week will reduce the size of your waist, strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system, help improve the tone and definition of your muscles, and give you a positive mental attitude. Running can also be fantastic for your social life. Here are our top reasons for starting to run today.

1. Running is the speediest way to improve your cardiovascular health. You will become fitter more quickly by running on a regular basis.

2. Running is among the least expensive types of exercise. You will just need a pair of running shoes plus shorts and a T-shirt before you start.

3. Running is simple to learn. The majority of people will have run sometime in their life, so there will be no huge learning curve for you to negotiate.

4. Running will make you feel great - not just physically, but psychologically too.

5. Running is brilliant for lowering your level of stress. There are not many better options than running if you wish to clear out the cobwebs and concentrate your mind. Many inspired ideas have been, and can be, formed while out running.

6. Running is one of the most flexible ways to  exercise. No matter where you are living or visiting, it will be virtually always possible to go out and run. You could go jogging, run steadily or try sprinting, depending on what you want to achieve on a particular day.

7. Running is great for your heart health. It will strengthen your heart and reduce your heart rate when at rest.

8. Running can be accessible to everyone. Provided you're physically able to do it, you can go running at more or less any time and in any place. There are virtually no barriers to running.

9. Running can help you to tone your muscles and lose weight. The more often you run, the greater amount of weight you are likely to lose. In addition to this, by toning your muscles you will be get rid of any excess fat and convert it into muscle.


10. Running can be carried out by people of any age, young or old. No matter what a person's age is, almost everybody can benefit from running.

11. Running is great for boosting your sex drive! Being generally more active will help you to naturally increase your interest in sex.

12. While training, you can eat chocolate and legitimately use the excuse that it's part of your running programme!

13. Running is a good idea if you want to recover from the effects of a hangover. Running can help to clear your head quicker than if you simply lie in bed feeling ill.

14. Running can be an excellent safety aid. The ability to run away from other people will put you in a far safer position if someone tries to chase you.

15. Running can be used to benefit other people's lives. Opt to run for a charity and raise money to help the less fortunate or able-bodied.

16. Running with friends will give you an opportunity to get fitter and find out the latest gossip at the same time.

17. Running is an efficient way to become fitter and lose some weight in terms of the time it takes to do, which means you will get more post-exercise leisure time to yourself.

18. Running is a unique challenge that can increase your motivation and give you a lot of personal satisfaction.


19. Running is an excellent idea if you want to see new places, especially if you don't have much time available for seeing all the sights. Think about how much more of a particular place you will be able to take in when you run around it in comparison to walking for the same amount of time.

20. Running will improve your concentration as you will need to focus a great deal when out training. If you improve your focus while running, you will subsequently improve your ability to concentrate in other areas of your life.

21. After running you will almost always work better because you will still be on a 'runner's high' and feel as though you can deal with anything.

22. Running is worth doing if you wish to meet new people, particularly if you decide to run in a race or sign up to a running club.

23. There don't have to be any monthly subscriptions with running. You can simply put your running shoes on and go running whenever you like.

24. If you build up your endurance through running, you can transfer it to other physical activities.

25. Running is a good solution for working off the extra calories the day after you have consumed alcohol.




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