Race licensing made easy!

Please note that the online race licensing system will be live very soon. Please check back again for more details.

The new online race licence application is designed to make the entire process as simple as possible. Simply follow the steps to licence your race and to have it listed in the www.realbuzzrunbritain.com race calendar also.

Information on receiving a UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence:

Applying for and receiving a UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence demonstrates your agreement to implement national governing body licence standards of organisation, health and safety procedures and other specific criteria and to hold the event under UKA rules.

This is to ensure the wellbeing of, not only participants, but also race officials, the general public and other road users.

These licence standards are aligned with recent government guidance for safety in events on the public highway that will influence local authority and other agencies in supporting running events.

UKA has consulted widely in developing these guidelines.

UKA public liability insurance is only available to affiliated organisations, clubs and licensed events. This UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence demonstrates to the insurers that you are promoting your event to the required standards and in accordance with UKA rules.

This UKA policy for the sport offers up to £20m of insurance cover and which has a claims history going back more than 10 years.

UKA and the national association governing bodies pay a significant premium on behalf of the sport. It is reckoned to be one of the longest standing, proven and comprehensive policies currently available in an individual sport covering organisers, competitors, coaches and clubs at all levels.

The UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence will enable you to brand your race as an officially licensed UKA event.

The licence fee payable will be based on the actual numbers of entrants rather than pre-event estimates.

All UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence applications require an initial flat rate deposit fee of £25.00 on application (or £10 in the case of races with under 50 competitors), with the balance payable on return of a Race Return Form or an equivalent online submission.

The following events will be able to obtain a race licence free of charge:

  • National, Territorial, Regional and County championship events that are restricted to affiliated club teams of registered members.
  • Other closed events that restrict entries to registered members of clubs affiliated to one of the home country governing bodies.

A closed event must incorporate a team competition for affiliated clubs.

Our model has been developed on the assumption that smaller races have a higher proportion of club runners than larger races; our records show that the percentage of club runners averages out at 75% for the smallest races, and falls to below 20% for the largest races.

The fee per runner therefore increases as the total number of participants increases, up to a maximum of about 50p per runner for races of 800 participants, Above 800 participants, the per runner rate drops off gradually, flattening out at 5,000 participants where the rate is averaged at 40p per runner.

RunBritain – Pricing Matrix for UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence

Band range Fee per race

Number of Runners Fees per race
0-50 £ 10
51-100 £ 25
101-150 £ 34
151-200 £ 50
201-300 £ 75
301-400 £ 120
401-500 £ 155
501-600 £ 220
601-700 £ 260
701-800 £ 320
801-900 £ 370
901-1000 £ 420
1001-2000 £ 700
2001-3000 £ 1,115
3001-4000 £ 1,500
4001-5000 £ 1,840
5001-10000 £ 3,000
10001-15000 £ 5,000
15001-20000 £ 7,000
20001-25000 £ 9,000
25001-30000 £ 11,000
30001-35000 £ 13,000
35001-40000 £ 15,000

Benefits of receiving a UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence:

Up to £20m worth of public liability insurance cover for affiliated organisations

Free online entry system which is the cheapest anywhere in the market place

Placement in the www.realbuzzrunbritain.com calendar with resulting access to hundreds of thousands of runners

Advice on best practice from UKA licence officers and realbuzzrunbitain.com Race Director's Portal

The “Official” stamp of approval

Obligations of receiving a UKA Road Running or Multi-Terrain Race Licence:

To offer a minimum £2 discount to all National Governing Body Competition Licence holders including the www.realbuzzrunbritain.com virtual club members.

To promote the www.realbuzzrunbritain.com website on your event website using one of the supplied buttons or, only in the absence of an event website, through your race literature.

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